Kitty Kafe


2013 Menu

Saturday and Sunday:

We will be serving breakfast, lunch, and tasty homemade treats for your convenience and pleasure. 100% of all proceeds benefit the Cat Care Society.

Extra fixings will be available on the condiment table: salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, butter spread, salt and pepper.


BREAKFAST: 7amó10am

Muffins: $1.50  

Yogurt: $1.00  

Bagels: $2.00  (w / Cream Cheese & Jam)

Bottomless Coffee: $2.50      Fresh brewed and hot!


LUNCH: 11amó2pm

Baked Potato:            Plain: $4.00                 Topped: $6.00

Choice of toppings includes seasoned beef or broccoli with cheese sauce.

Soup and a Roll: $5.50

Steaming hot bowl of homemade soup with a bakery fresh roll on the side.

Nachos:     Crispy chips covered with cheese sauce:      $4.00

                 With optional topping of seasoned beef:        $6.50

Sandwiches - Our Famous Egg Salad or Tuna Salad:  $6.50

Served on a bakery-fresh roll with crisp lettuce and your choice of chips.

Green Salad:  $6.00

Crisp greens and veggies, topped with your choice of tuna salad, egg salad, or seasoned beef.

Beverages: Soda, bottled water, coffee or hot tea.



Cupcakes: $1.50         Brownies: $1.50        Cookies: $1.00